The Importance of Dad’s Role in Breastfeeding

Dad’s Role in Breastfeeding

Dad’s attitude and support play vital role in successful breastfeeding. Especially for a new mother, dad’s enthusiasm and understanding are extremely important. Dad’s role may influence and determine whether a mother wishes to breastfeed and succeed in nursing or gives up before she truly knows the right way to breastfeed and how enjoyable it is.

Majority of new mothers may experience hard time getting started with breastfeeding; as a result, they give up breastfeeding after trying for the first few days or weeks. Dad’s encouragement reassures the new mother feels much more confident in her decision of nursing her baby.

Here are some tips for dad to help mommy to succeed in breastfeeding:

  • The first important step dad needs to do—attend parental class and breastfeeding clinic with mother before baby’s birth.  (Once daddy is knowledge of the benefit of breastfeeding for mother and child, the potential pains mother may experience such as sore nipple and engorgement, mood swing and postpartum depression;  he soon may realize that breastfeeding is not just for mother, it has become a family matter and requires a team work);
  • Set up a comfortable nursing area for mother with some soft supporting pillows and a foot stool;
  • Make sure there is always a cup of water, juice or milk beside mommy’s nursing chair as she may feel thirsty while nursing;
  • Try prepare nutritious meal for mother as it is very important for mother’s milk production and the quality of the breast milk;
  • Help newborn to latch on mother’s nipple in the first few days. (Both mother and baby are learning the breastfeeding process during the early days and weeks, if baby does not latch right, it may cause mother’s nipple sore, bleeding or very painful while breastfeeding);
  • Mother needs to get up every 1-3 hours at night to breastfeed newborn during the first few weeks. Daddy may help to wake up baby and change her diaper first and then bring her to the mother, so mother may have time to prepare for breastfeeding.
  • Baby tends to be colicky in the first few weeks, she many cry for hours. This is perfect time for daddy bonding with his baby. Cuddle the baby and have mommy taking a hot shower to relieve engorgement or sleeps in another room for couple hours before she nurses again. Good rest is very important for breastfeeding mother;
  • Encourage mother when she faces discomfort or difficulties while breastfeeding. Praise her by saying “honey, you are doing a great job”, “you are the best mom ever”, “I love you honey and I am so proud of you”.

In sum, dad’s support in breastfeeding is very critical because he is the person knows the mother and the baby the best and be with them the most.