Swaddling Baby

infant swaddle

The first few weeks outside of the mother’s womb can be startling for a newborn.  She may wake up several times and constantly cry for no reason. She may also feel stress out by sleeping in her roomy crib or her parent’s queen bed.

Swaddling keeps a newborn snuggling together and is considered as one of the important techniques to sooth a newborn. It not only gives newborns warm and comfy feelings but also a sense of security.

Benefits of swaddling a newborn include:

  • To help her sleep longer: new babies are used to the tight feeling in mother’s womb. When they are being wrapped, movement of their arms and legs are kept to minimum which can make them feel safe and secure;
  • Stop excessive crying:  when newborn being wrapped, her sense of safety may  decrease her frequency of crying;
  • Reduce chances of scratching her face: babies’ nails grow very fast and can be sharp. It is suggested to wear mitten while baby is sleeping. For newborn, swaddling can prevent her scratching her faces during sleep time.

When your baby is crying, always check if she is hungry or have a wet/dirty diaper. Some babies do not like to be swaddled. You may try to swaddle her a little bit looser. Or maybe try using the wrap baby carrier.  Every baby is different, and she needs time to adjust her new environment. You just have to try different things to make her feel warm and secure in the first few weeks.

You can use a blanket to swaddle your baby. Or use the swaddle/sleepsack package such as SwaddleMe or sleepsack swaddle.

Although swaddling is a great way to sooth a baby, you should stop it after baby becomes one month of age; and also it is not suggested to swaddle a newborn all day long; otherwise, it may interfere baby’s movement and delay her development. Swaddling your newborn during her bedtime and unswaddle her when she is awake.

Never swaddle your baby in a hot room because overheating may cause SIDS. Room temperature around 21 Celsius or 70 Fahrenheit is recommend.

If your baby cannot go to sleep without swaddling after one month, try swaddle her loosely first, then with her one arm out for few times, after that let her both arms out. If she sleeps ok with her arms out, it means she probably does not need to be swaddled anymore.