Why Not Cloth Wipes!

cloth wipes

When people think about whether to use cloth or disposable diapers, they usually neglect the choice of cloth wipes. There are many cloth wipe brands in the market, such as GroVia, bumGenius, Greenpanda and Charlie Banana.

Cloth wipes are much more comfortable than disposable ones. They are made of cotton, very soft and long lasting. It is the best to use cloth wipes when baby is home.

Clothes wipes are very easy to use; you just wet your cloth wipe with plain water or simply make twenty wipes each time and store them in the wipe warmer. After using them you can just toss into the diaper bag and launder them with your dirty cloth diapers. Many disposable wipes are very thin and you need to use at least two to four wipes at a time. However, cloth wipes are quite thick that can handle any mess your baby made. Most importantly, cloth wipes always stay puffy and soft after uncountable washes.

In addition, disposable wipes contain chemical ingredients and most of them have artificial fragrance. On the other hand, cloth wipes are just made of cotton. You can also scent them with natural tea tree oil, just two to three drops into the plain water. (We will have a post about home-made cloth wipe solutions in our blog later this month) The scented towel deodorizes stinky diapers, meanwhile provides clean and freshness for the little tender bum.

In any event, you still need a box of disposable wipes handy if you need to go out for grocery shopping or plan to stay out for a long day with the baby.