Solid Food for Baby under Six Months

pureed baby food

Introducing solid food to your baby requires a lot of your patience, but it is always a very fun and happy process.

Solids can be introduced as earlier as four months of age. There is no rush to give her solids under six months of age. However, if your baby does not have any digestive or development problems; if she shows some interests while you are eating; or maybe you feel she may need something more than breast milk or formula, it is probably the best time to introduce some solid food to her.  BUT, before you do that, always make sure consult and discuss with your pediatrician.

Starting with rice cereal is a good step; Gerber/Nestle, Heinz and Danone have great selection for baby cereals. Of course, you always can make your own rice cereal from scratch; we will have an article regarding homemade rice cereal recipes later in our blog.

Instead of boxed cereals, some parents prefer to start with freshly pureed banana, pear, apple or avocado. On the other hand, some parents like to start with cooked pureed food such as sweet potato, sweet peas or carrot. No one knows your baby better than yourself, so it is your call to choose what kind of solid food to start.