Introducing Solids to Four to Six Months Old Baby

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Before we start this topic, always remember solid food cannot completely replace breast milk or formula for baby under one year of age. Proper amount of breast milk or formula are essential for the growth of your baby in the first year.

At this stage, having solid food is a tasting adventure for your baby. Just like adults, your little one has her own appetite.  We don’t recommend following any guidelines or charts that specifically tell you how many ounces of food baby should receive.  From our experiences, just follow your baby’s lead.  She may eat one jar of pureed pear today, and nothing for tomorrow. Or she may have one teaspoon of purred avocado for lunch and half jar of purred apple for dinner.

Every baby is different; just follow her cues when you give her solid food. Baby will never let herself be hungry.  For example, when baby opens her mouth or tries to grab your hand, it indicates she wants more food. On the other hand, when baby tries to push the spoon away or spit some food while you are feeding her, she wants to tell you “mommy, I am full, no more bite.”

In the beginning, feed your baby one new food at a time. The best time to give her a new food is in the morning, so you would notice if there are any allergic reactions your baby may have by the end of the day.  In addition, always wait two to three days before starting another new food. If she has developed some allergic reactions such as rash on her face, diarrhea or tends to be quite fussy than usual, stop the new food right away and call your pediatrician or family doctor for advice.