How to Select Baby Strollers

pink vintage stroller

Baby strollers are really about your lifestyle.  Before you start to shop for stroller for your baby, think about “how do I want to use the stroller first?”, because you are not only your baby’s chauffeur, most importantly it is YOUR second gear!!  There is no perfect or right stroller but only a stroller that fits your baby and your lifestyle. Choosing a wrong stroller may bring you inconvenience or unexpected trouble.

Here are some questions you may need to think about before you start shopping…

  • Where do you live? (climate/weather of your city; need to take subway or bus in a busy urban city or lives in the suburbs and always drive your first gear)
  • Where do you want to drive your gear? (just grocery shopping or jogging and hiking on regular basis)
  • What is your budget? (from new to used strollers, prices may range from as low as USD $20 to USD $3000, or maybe even more!!!)
  • What features you would like your stroller to have? (such as lightweight, convertible, cup holder, big storage basket, build-in mummy hook or hood with hook to dangle baby’s toy)
  • What style do you like? (too many too many styles….old-fashioned carriage, modern look or sci-fi/future look)
  • What color do you want? (just black or brown, or go with green, orange or baby blue)