Cloth Diaper or Disposable Diaper

cloth diaper on baby

Disposable diaper or cloth diaper?  Pampers or bumGenius?  Environment friendly or convenience?  Which one is cost effective?  It is not a very easy question to answer which type of diaper is the best for baby and for the new parents. Both disposable and cloth diapers have a long history in North America.

Cloth diaper is composed of layers of fabric such as bamboo, cotton or microfiber. It can be washed and reused till baby is potty trained and can also be reused for your second or maybe the third child. There are many brands in the market, for example, the most popular ones include bumgenius, gdiapers and kushies, etc. On the other hand, disposable diaper contains absorbent chemicals and is thrown away right after each use. Major brands include pampers and huggies.

The choice of using cloth or disposable diaper is really just a matter of personal preference, depending on your lifestyle, finances and your concern for the environment. Some parents choose to combine the two, using disposable when they are out for shopping or visiting friends and using cloth at home; or using cloth during the daytime and disposable at nighttime if baby can sleep through for more than six hours.

Before you make your decision, it is crucial to know the advantages and disadvantages between cloth and disposable diapers as well as differences between each brand. It is also important to discuss with your partner on what is the best for your little precious. We will discuss more about diaper selections later in our blog, please come back to check frequently!