Baby Massage

baby massage

Baby massage is a great expression of love every mommy and daddy should experience.  It is not only a wonderful soothing process for your baby, but also it enhances communication with your baby.  In addition, massage can help to relieve gas, colic or constipation your baby may experience especially during the first three months.

Here are some simple ways to massage your baby:

  • Always be careful, be gentle and be soft when touching your baby;
  • Use both hands to rub your baby’s legs and arms, about 2 minutes on each leg and each arm;
  • Let your baby lying on her back on your bed, use one hand around baby’s belly in a clockwise motion for five times and counter clockwise motion for five times, or take three fingers stroke circles around her navel;
  • Try to massage her one to three times a day, ten minutes each.

Massage helps the baby feel relaxed because she loves the closeness with her parents. You will notice the skin to skin experience facilitates emotional bonding between you and your little one. You will feel she steals your heart when she smiles at you while you are massaging her!